We in Kitezh

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We in Kitezh Through them Europeans tried to influence traditional society, for the purpose of its improvement.

We in Kitezh speak to our grownup children adapt surrounding life under the ideals, change it, lets a sleepy stupor of the remote place overflow your aspiration, lift others those who did not fall asleep yet, did not lose a passionarity.

It is also a position of the real patriot, and not affection the patriarchal relations of indifference, abjection at all.

Often happens that in the course of formation by itself, the person turns away from the one who was his inspirer and his support; and not only turns away the periods he needs to refuse it, it has to build the personality, the independence, otmezhevyvayas a mouth of the relations existing to roofing felt.

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What? blue

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What? blue, c excursion on the group room.


blue and red To teach the child to alternate subjects of color, without receding from an objective, it is correct to call two colors.

Options of tasks: To make a zaborchik of red and blue bricks to alternate bricks.

To collect a pyramid from red and blue rings, to draw a short flight of stairs from red and blue steps two vertical lines the adult, and the child steps draws.

To alternate color of steps.

To draw a gorgeous sunshine and a blue cloudlet, to tell about the drawing.

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This program

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This program I am responsible for the words he has nobody was to follow an example.

But before me there was a concrete fact my own son realized absolutely specific program in the ways and by methods is thousandfold approved in human history.

This program already was in it.

It was activated itself at the first opportunity.

I assumed possibility of earlier that in the newborn the internal program of his selfrealization is already put.

Now I am confident in it.

However, and to me many very authoritative persons were sure of it, for example, founders of Christian religion and recognized stars modern psychological science.

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  • Today tactile screens are used very widely, they can be found in local medical institutions and at schools.Motivation To communication it is impossible to treat as work.Watch that conversation brought to the child pleasure and satisfaction.The electronic device is necessary for games and entertainments it is not less, than for training and development of skills of independence.Occupations of the child with the computer cannot be limited to lessons under supervision of parents, doctors and teachers.
  • Children can have a question: How to us to learn, what we really trust ?Answer them: When we wish something, from depth of our soul the low voice which speaks to us reaches us: It not for you.You will not cope with it or You can do it!Act!.This feeling is also belief.She or will force us to refuse our desire, or will help us to execute it, If we wish to receive more benefits in some sphere of the life, we have to choose a bowl more.Be able to rise above thought of as if you are unworthy these benefits.
  • Its reactions are not coordinated yet, he is not capable to grab a ring intentionally yet, but the movement repeats many days and weeks, in a brain the special operations procedure is gradually built and at last approximately by six months the child already himself, voluntarily, having seen a ring, grabs it.From this example we see how the nervous system of the baby develops: he by repeated repetitions learns to coordinate the movements of eyes and hands.More difficult situations also demand equally both repetition, and experience.
  • But how we can help with each of these cases?Open palm While at the child the hvatatelny reflex of the newborn that is at any touch to a palm fingers clench in a fist or until the thumb lays down across a palm when it clenches in a fist remains, to learn correctly to take subjects and the kid will not be able to let go them.Therefore before teaching the child to work with hands, first of all try to open his palm so that fingers were straightened, the thumb is taken away, and the wrist is unbent.
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