Change the locations

Change the locations Repetition one more key to that your installation found real force.

Repeat installation many times in day.

Write it on sheets of paper and hang out these sheets in several places.

Let them serve you as a reminder.

Change the locations of your installations more often.

The more sense organs you involve in work with installations, the you will be able to reach bigger effect.

To accelerate receiving result, I recommend to you to write the installation, to read it, then to say by heart, to sing and even to dance it.

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And now we will

And now we will We teach it also our MENTORS.

And now we will mentally return to the previous chapter there we spoke about the active, boiling environment full of calls and osoznaniye.

How to combine all this?

The therapeutic environment has to place problems and obstacles in way, to call to new overcomings of own imperfection, but it has to give the chance to the child to recede, to lick wounds, to look at a situation without fear and haste.

Here also the person needs the assistant, the one of whom he is not afraid to whom trusts.

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Look that

Look that Doctor Voters specifies: There are things much more terrible, than similar manifestations.

Anyway, it brings a set of trouble upon parents.

Look that lies behind sudden changes in behavior.

All this rotates round very serious problems.

Classical signs of the use of drugs except for chronic problems with health can appear only precautionary signs: you have a teenager in the house.

But they can also point and to real complications, in particular if are shown suddenly.

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Though Not to sort!


Lana was delighted: well though that that!

Then in chamber settled one more future mummy to it, and it became already not so terrible, sad and it is sad.

Morning brought pleasant news opening already three centimeters.

Though fights on the former were not felt.

Everything, began!


the Fear disappeared finally.

It was succeeded by delight and curiosity.

How it will pass everything?

Lana called Mischa: I give birth!

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They happen

They happen Quite often children with a cerebral palsy lag behind both in language, and in speech development.

At some children them it is a little only speech development is broken see chapter Epilepsy or spasms In comparison with other children, at children with a cerebral palsy the probability of emergence of convulsive attacks is increased.

They happen approximately at a half of such children.

Some babies in the first month of life are predisposed to spasms.

On the other hand, the great number of children to a cerebral palsy has onetwo convulsive attacks at early age without any serious consequences.

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It is too simple

It is too simple So he learns to speak.

In any game, as well as at any other form of education, it is very important to wait for the answer of the child, his reaction.

It is too simple not to keep and make instead of the child that you from him wait, it is much more important to give him the chance to make it most.

When you showed to the child that it is necessary to make, wait your expectation will induce it to carry out a task.

You show it that you wait for it participation in game.

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  • Today tactile screens are used very widely, they can be found in local medical institutions and at schools.Motivation To communication it is impossible to treat as work.Watch that conversation brought to the child pleasure and satisfaction.The electronic device is necessary for games and entertainments it is not less, than for training and development of skills of independence.Occupations of the child with the computer cannot be limited to lessons under supervision of parents, doctors and teachers.
  • Children can have a question: How to us to learn, what we really trust ?Answer them: When we wish something, from depth of our soul the low voice which speaks to us reaches us: It not for you.You will not cope with it or You can do it!Act!.This feeling is also belief.She or will force us to refuse our desire, or will help us to execute it, If we wish to receive more benefits in some sphere of the life, we have to choose a bowl more.Be able to rise above thought of as if you are unworthy these benefits.
  • Its reactions are not coordinated yet, he is not capable to grab a ring intentionally yet, but the movement repeats many days and weeks, in a brain the special operations procedure is gradually built and at last approximately by six months the child already himself, voluntarily, having seen a ring, grabs it.From this example we see how the nervous system of the baby develops: he by repeated repetitions learns to coordinate the movements of eyes and hands.More difficult situations also demand equally both repetition, and experience.
  • But how we can help with each of these cases?Open palm While at the child the hvatatelny reflex of the newborn that is at any touch to a palm fingers clench in a fist or until the thumb lays down across a palm when it clenches in a fist remains, to learn correctly to take subjects and the kid will not be able to let go them.Therefore before teaching the child to work with hands, first of all try to open his palm so that fingers were straightened, the thumb is taken away, and the wrist is unbent.
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