The doctor

The doctor Strange as that.

But I am silent.

The doctor knows better.

Give, we will make a break so far, Olesya Viktorovna continued.

You lie down a little.

And when patrimonial activity is stirred up, we will enter the second dose.

And then I understood that such the REAL childbirth.

Pain drove and, appear, absorbed me all.

At such moments there was a strong wish to replace a pose, but neither to turn, nor the dropper did not allow to rise to me.

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Fedor went

Fedor went I do not remember.

In their youthful language this psychological phenomenon was called as indifference.

Fedor went with a sour mine, at girls said that in the world there is neither love, nor happiness, at teachers argued on futility of any knowledge.

He mentioned career of the pathologist more, but also geniality in his relation to people around was not felt.

Thus he studied steadily well.

Compositions on literature and control on mathematics were only perfectly well.

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Once again

Once again I wrote these lines.

Once again reread and thought As it is banal they have to sound for the reader!

We hundred times read it.

But, knowing this truth, how many times worked proceeding from it?

Our knowledge does not become a basis for actions, our opening do not force to change the Image of the World.

But Andrey at that moment realized importance of GOOD for the first time.

It became its personal achievement, brought joy of a victory.

His cheeks reddened from confusion, eyes were lit by light of understanding.

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What roused

What roused Then we simply did not understand it.

Because for us, I will repeat, childbirth was the central, bright event, and all further saw each other badly, in fog.

I told for us because Dima not only it is sympathizing empathized me all months of pregnancy, but also courageously agreed to be PRESENT AT CHILDBIRTH.

What roused it to such courageous act?

Now I will tell.

The husband on childbirth: to be or not to be?

I have a strong belief that both spouses have to participate in all events, important for a family.

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In addition, I tried

In addition, I tried In addition, I tried to teach parents to use any opportunity which presents each lived day for the benefit of the kid.

In the following heads who are devoted to clothing, bathing and other daily occupations, we will repeat all this and still we will talk how to change usual care of the child with a cerebral palsy so that to turn everyday life into training in useful skills.

Chapter Speech HELEN A.

MÜLLER Stages of speech development Problems Help Communication at younger age Main stages of development of the speech The newborn reports about the requirements by means of movements of a body, a mimicry and crying.

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Change the locations

Change the locations Repetition one more key to that your installation found real force.

Repeat installation many times in day.

Write it on sheets of paper and hang out these sheets in several places.

Let them serve you as a reminder.

Change the locations of your installations more often.

The more sense organs you involve in work with installations, the you will be able to reach bigger effect.

To accelerate receiving result, I recommend to you to write the installation, to read it, then to say by heart, to sing and even to dance it.

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And now we will

And now we will We teach it also our MENTORS.

And now we will mentally return to the previous chapter there we spoke about the active, boiling environment full of calls and osoznaniye.

How to combine all this?

The therapeutic environment has to place problems and obstacles in way, to call to new overcomings of own imperfection, but it has to give the chance to the child to recede, to lick wounds, to look at a situation without fear and haste.

Here also the person needs the assistant, the one of whom he is not afraid to whom trusts.

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  • Today tactile screens are used very widely, they can be found in local medical institutions and at schools.Motivation To communication it is impossible to treat as work.Watch that conversation brought to the child pleasure and satisfaction.The electronic device is necessary for games and entertainments it is not less, than for training and development of skills of independence.Occupations of the child with the computer cannot be limited to lessons under supervision of parents, doctors and teachers.
  • Children can have a question: How to us to learn, what we really trust ?Answer them: When we wish something, from depth of our soul the low voice which speaks to us reaches us: It not for you.You will not cope with it or You can do it!Act!.This feeling is also belief.She or will force us to refuse our desire, or will help us to execute it, If we wish to receive more benefits in some sphere of the life, we have to choose a bowl more.Be able to rise above thought of as if you are unworthy these benefits.
  • Its reactions are not coordinated yet, he is not capable to grab a ring intentionally yet, but the movement repeats many days and weeks, in a brain the special operations procedure is gradually built and at last approximately by six months the child already himself, voluntarily, having seen a ring, grabs it.From this example we see how the nervous system of the baby develops: he by repeated repetitions learns to coordinate the movements of eyes and hands.More difficult situations also demand equally both repetition, and experience.
  • But how we can help with each of these cases?Open palm While at the child the hvatatelny reflex of the newborn that is at any touch to a palm fingers clench in a fist or until the thumb lays down across a palm when it clenches in a fist remains, to learn correctly to take subjects and the kid will not be able to let go them.Therefore before teaching the child to work with hands, first of all try to open his palm so that fingers were straightened, the thumb is taken away, and the wrist is unbent.
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